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Asador el buen comer

  1. How to Marinate Beef Steak for Sale Taquizas
    1. Bistec en Salsa Verde con Papas
    2. Meat and chicken skewers or brochettes
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How to Marinate Beef Steak for Sale Taquizas

DANTE is "Brasa y Fuego" elements that drive our cooking and keep our food honest and delicious. From our Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie, our lettuce hearts, and each of our best cuts go through our charcoal grill. Quality and flavor are what our Chef Dante Ferrero is passionate about.

Is it the best place to eat meat? Yes, but wait until you try our ceviche.are we a traditional steakhouse? Yes, but much fresher.Is it a fine dining restaurant? Yes, but not so rigid.Is it a good place to do business? Yes, but also for spending a nice long evening with friends.Is it fun? Yes, but above all, delicious. So, it's not surprising that it has become the most recommended steakhouse in Mexico City, by word of mouth, just a couple of months after opening. You won't find other places with our selection of meats, variety of cuts and quality of products. We don't care if we have to go to Canada to get the tastiest New York strip, or fly to Japan to get the tastiest Wagyu, even drive south of the border to get the tastiest bone in Cabreria. Be prepared for silence when you ask the waiter what his favorite dish is.... because they all are!

Bistec en Salsa Verde con Papas

Antes o después de cada espectáculo, sea cual sea la ocasión, no hay nada mejor que sentarse a comer panceta, chorizo, morcilla y jamón. En la Parrilla del Corral todo es a la brasa, la especialidad de la casa. Manjares para el dramaturgo y el poeta que desafían a cualquier estómago.

Canteros, herreros, albañiles, curtidores y carpinteros se reúnen a diario en la Parrilla del Mercado. Allí almuerzan y charlan, disfrutando de la carne a la parrilla de los buenos rebaños locales mientras comparten sus conocimientos con los jóvenes aprendices alrededor de una jarra de cerveza.

Justo antes del amanecer, se ve a los leñadores cruzar los muros de La Puebla Real para dirigirse a la dehesa. Allí talan robles matorrales y encinas, limpian las ramas y cargan la leña para venderla al mediodía en el Arrabal. Mientras cierran los tratos, es normal que compartan algún almuerzo en su parrilla al calor de las brasas.

El almuerzo es la comida más importante para un agricultor. Por eso debe hacerse como es debido. Nada de comida frugal, hay que celebrar una buena zahora. El pollo, la ternera y el cerdo son imprescindibles, pero siempre acompañados de unas buenas "patatas revolconas" con tocino y algunas verduras a la parrilla para aligerar las cosas.

Meat and chicken skewers or brochettes

Our chefs are masters in the art of creation, having won numerous awards and recognitions, as well as excellent ratings in specialized pages. Always looking for the most innovative and, of course, what fully satisfies the customer, they show in their dishes all their know-how and eagerness to create new recipes. In short, our cuisine is an important bastion of what has been called the New Andalusian Cuisine.

A setting that makes us a very romantic restaurant where the best cuisine merges with wonderful views. Whether for a special dinner, a lunch, a family event or any kind of celebration in Mirador Carmen de San Miguel Restaurant success is assured.

We have different rooms and environments, all with beautiful views of Granada and Sierra Nevada, to make all kinds of events: weddings, communions, family events, business meetings, etc.. Ask us for information without obligation to inform you of all the available spaces and their characteristics.

Asador el buen comer 2021

Con todo el Gusto Cultura Cocina

Asador el buen comer 2022


Meat is traditionally a high-status food.[2] It is often associated with cultural traditions;[18] it has a strong positive connotation in most parts of the world.[19] However, its image is sometimes negative among consumers, in part because of its association with animal sacrifice, death and blood.[20][21][22] Stronger associations with these ideas can reduce the sense of pleasure in eating meat and increase disgust towards it, leading to a reduction in consumption. 23] In the West these effects have particularly been shown to be true among young women.[24][25][26] Negative associations may cause meat eaters to simply make it less noticeable in their diets, for example by incorporating it as an ingredient within a more elaborate dish, rather than reducing or eliminating its consumption.[27] It has been suggested that this is the result of a disconnect between individuals' roles as consumers and as citizens.[note 2][note 2

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